Enjoy these reports about Kidz Corner from people who know us very well

From the children – when asked what they like about about coming to Kidz Corner:


"I like playing with the magnets", Emily age 4 "I like making stuff and I like just playing. I like building things with my friends and playing together", Rosie age 4
"I like the special dolls", Bella age 3 "I like the Elsa cape", Sophia age 4
"I like playing with my friends and I like the sandpit. I love the whole Kidz Corner. I like reading and doing things with other people. I love being at Kidz Corner", Alex age 4 "We like playing in the sandpit, we play cakes and make pancakes, play on the bikes and draw and go in the playground", Georgina age 3 and Petra age 3
"I like Finn", Franklin age 3 "I like to read stories, I like to have piggy back rides and climbing. I hide my feet from Mum in the sandpit", Hannah age 4.
"I love the trains", James age 4 "I like playing with Bella and Florence, I like the dolls", Milly age 3
"I like the playground, I like everything in the playground. I like the sandpit", Vigo age 4


From the parents – when asked what they like about about bring their children to Kidz Corner:

"We are so lucky to be a part of the Kidz Corner family. Our girls have benefited from the caring and nurturing environment that is provided by the amazing team. Every morning we are greeted by the staff with a “Morena” and a chat. The warm and caring nature of the staff make us as parents feel confident that our daughter (the other has gone to school) is looked after just as she would be at home. We really appreciate the genuineness of the staff at Kidz Corner and the knowledge that our daughter is given new and exciting learning experiences every day. Thank you all!" (Julia)

"We chose Kidz Corner for our 1 year old after investigating a number of childcare options on the Miramar Peninsular. We enrolled him based on an immediate positive feeling – as a place that felt like the teachers truly cared about the children they look after, and that the children attending were happy and having fun. We were also impressed with the centre’s policies, the pride of the staff member who showed us around, and the range of teaching resources. During the time our 2 children have been at Kidz Corner, we have been consistently impressed by the diverse learning curriculum, and aroha that the staff show the children and their whānau. It really feels like a big family, and part of the Miramar community, and we feel very blessed to be part of it." (Grant & Gill)

"Our son started at Kidz Corner when he was one. In the under two’s room the teachers were so calm and patient (with us and him), entering the area felt like entering an oasis. In the over two’s the teachers are constantly supporting our son to explore things that interest him from rolling objects to making puppets. When dropping him off for the day it is a major comfort to know that he has strong bonds with the teachers. We appreciate that family overseas are able to share his experiences through the secure online story portal. We especially love that Kidz Corner has a family/community feel which is fostered through regular gatherings and the amazing Christmas party." (James & Kirsten)

"From the moment I approached Kidz Corner about the possibility of my daughter attending, I was met with warmth and understanding. Helen was so quick to follow up and help me organise a visit. I knew as soon as I walked in the Bears (under two’s) section, that I was going to pick Kidz Corner for Alex – there was just a strong sense of community and family, as well as great ratio of teacher to child.

3 years later – I feel genuinely lucky that we picked Kidz Corner. The support that they’ve shown for both Alex and myself is amazing. All of the teachers are available for chats and happy to hear out any concern or query I might have and will happily put in place activities and plans to support Alex both educationally and emotionally. Every morning I drop Alex off; we are both welcomed with a friendly “Morena” or “Good Morning”. There have definitely been times where drop off has been more difficult than others – and the teachers are amazing at managing that, and making me feel okay about leaving. Not only that, I still call throughout the days sometimes to check Alex is okay – and everyone is more than happy to give me an update. There has been such little staff turnover whilst we’ve been attending Kidz Corner – which I think speaks for itself – it’s just a nice place to be for everyone.

As the Manager of Kidz Corner – Gillian does the most amazing job. Not only does she have a genuine connection with each of the children, Gillian manages to keep everything going at all levels, whilst still being 100% available for any parent’s queries. Kidz Corner has amazing policy review system, where parents are encouraged to participate – this covers all of the policies and procedures from educational to general safety. I ever doubt that my daughter is in a safe and supportive environment." (Frances)

"We chose Kidz Corner for our daughter for many reasons. For us it is the perfect size place, not too many kids and the staff to child ratio feels right. The spaces are bright, warm, clean, healthy and homelike. I also knew that many of the staff have been there years and that it had a good culture. The ERO reports online are great too. We weren’t sure how our clingy one would adjust to childcare, but the confidence and warmth of the teachers helped me feel reassured and I knew she would be comforted and well cared for there. She found her confidence and built relationships in the Under Two’s area and is now thriving in the Over Two’s. She is a lot more confident now and the staff nurture her interests in art and caring for others. She loves her teachers and her friendships at Kidz Corner. We as parents feel welcomed in every day even when we are running late or flustered we always have positive interactions with the staff. We have never second guessed our decision to send our daughter here. Thanks for you do for us Kidz Corner whanau!" (Ruth)