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The staff at Kidz Corner Miramar will ensure children experience a learning environment where they are safe and respected and that actively promotes the development of social competence and supports their understanding of appropriate behaviour.

Processes for assisting the development of social competence will support the different ages and stages of children’s development Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 43 Curriculum standard: general (1) (a) (ii) (iv) (vi), (b) (c) (I) (ii).

Process (Criteria C10)

  1. Teachers will model non-discriminatory appropriate behaviour, being respectful to children, parents and caregivers and each other interacting in a positive and responsive manner.
  2. Teachers will structure the learning environment and the programme at the centre to minimise possible occurrences of inappropriate behavior, e.g. predictable routines, transition times and clear rules about any behavior, including physical such as biting or emotional.
  3. Teachers will have realistic expectations of children of different ages and stages. Each child will be respected as a unique individual, and will be encouraged to respect others, learning to play and work alongside their peers.
  4. No child will be put in isolation as a form of punishment.
  5. Praise given to children will reflect the centre’s philosophy of teaching in a Christian context using the virtues of caring, confidence, consideration, co-operation, creativity, faithfulness, friendliness, gentleness, helpfulness, joyfulness, respect (for each other and the environment), responsibility and thankfulness as the foundations for praise. WOW Certificates will be given to children to reinforce positive behaviours that reflect the virtues.
  6. Teachers will reinforce positive behaviour using the strategy of “catch me when I’m good” (praising children about specific behaviours) so that children develop a positive attitude toward praise and encouragement and about themselves, e.g. positive self-talk “I can do it”, “I am good at this”.
  7. Teachers will use the management of behaviour as a positive opportunity for learning social skills and for thinking about concepts of justice, ensuring the learning environment is fair for all.
  8. When a child/children engages in inappropriate behaviour the teacher will:
  9. Strategies - Teachers will:
  10. If a child persistently displays inappropriate behaviour the following strategies will be implemented by the Supervisor/Assistant Supervisor of the centre.
  11. If the agreed strategies are not successful, with parent’s permission, and to ensure the continued well-being of the child, teachers will seek assistance from an appropriate outside agency (Criteria 12).