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The purpose of this policy is to ensure we implement healthy and safe eating habits in the children who attend Kidz Corner. Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. Regulation 43 Curriculum standard: general (1)(a),(b)(ii),(c)(i)(ii),(2). Regulation 45 Premises and facilities standard: general (1)(a),(ii),(2). Regulation 46 Health and safety practices standard: general (1),(a),(b),(c),(2).

Practice (Criteria C5, C6, PF15, PF16, PF19, HS16, HS21, HS22, HS25)

  1. A copy of the Ministry of Health booklet “Reducing food related choking for babies and young children at early learning services”, and this policy, will be given to all families with the Kidz Corner enrolment pack.
  2. We recommend parents consider the MoH guidelines when preparing lunchboxes, particularly for younger children. Teachers will not be removing foods that do not meet these guidelines. Where practical, teachers may alter food sent in lunchboxes to fit the MoH guidelines.
  3. The centre will provide morning tea. Children will eat food provided from home from their lunchboxes for lunch and afternoon tea.
  4. Any food provided by the centre, including in any cooking activities with the children, will be prepared in accordance with the guidelines in the MoH booklet.
  5. Parents are asked to declare any known allergies on their enrolment form.
  6. Because of the potential harm to children or adults with allergies to nuts Kidz Corner is a nut and peanut butter free centre.
  7. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided at appropriate times to meet the nutritional needs of each child while attending.
  8. A designated place is set aside for the children to sit and eat. Children will say a prayer/karakia before their lunch.
  9. There will be an appropriate ratio of adults at morning tea/lunch/afternoon teatime. All adults supervising children while eating will hold a current First Aid Certificate.
  10. Children will be encouraged to maintain good posture when seated to support safe eating and drinking.
  11. If children arrive at the centre eating, they will be asked to sit at the kai table.
  12. Children will wash and dry their hands prior to eating.
  13. Adults will wash and dry their hands prior to preparing food.
  14. Any perishable food provided for lunch from home must be named and stored in the centre refrigerator.
  15. Centre staff will reheat precooked meals only. All reheated food will be reheated until it is steaming hot right through and will only be reheated once. Any other food preparation such as cutting or grating food must be carried out by parents.
  16. The kitchen area and all utensils, chopping boards and benches will be kept clean.
  17. All children will have their own named lunchbox, drink bottle/cup from home.
  18. Children in the over twos will have independent access to an ample supply of water that is fit to always drink. Children in the under twos, with teacher’s assistance, will have access to their own drink bottles. All drink bottles/cups must be taken home at the end of each day.
  19. Our centre keeps a record of all food (other than that provided by parents for their own children) served during the service’s hours of operation. Our records show the type of food provided and are available for inspection for three months after the food is prepared.


  1. The staff and community at Kidz Corner acknowledge the importance of celebrations such as children’s birthdays and other significant family and centre events and on these occasions’ welcome celebration food.
  2. Food brought into the centre for celebrations, such as cakes, must have an ingredients list supplied with them.