Enjoy these reports about Kidz Corner from people who know us very well

From the children – when asked what they like about about coming to Kidz Corner:


"I like building houses with the Duplo", Jayden C age 4 "I like the outside; I like the teachers reading the stories and my friend Hannah", Dylan age 4
"I like being nice and playing with the toys", Jayden G age 4 "I like puzzles, playing outside", Sam age 3
"I like seeing Mum when she arrives; my Mum is the best Mum in the whole wide world. I like playing with the toys and my friends", Nick age 4 "We like playing in the sandpit, we play cakes and make pancakes, play on the bikes and draw and go in the playground", Georgina age 3 and Petra age 3
"I like drawing and colouring in", Petra age 3 "I like to read stories, I like to have piggy back rides and climbing. I hide my feet from Mum in the sandpit", Hannah age 4.
"I like playing outside", Paimea age 4 "I like coming to Kidz Corner to play with my friends", Finn age 4
"I like making the Duplo into rocket ships and jets, building towers with the blocks", Luke age 4


From the parents – when asked what they like about about bring their children to Kidz Corner:

"Kidz Corner is a home away from home with the loving environment it offers to families and kids alike. We have loved the projects the teachers have engaged us in and are constantly amazed by Luke's newfound knowledge. The sense of community is very strong and both my son and I have made many good friends." (Liz)

"As a parent I feel completely at ease when I drive away knowing Sofia is in such safe and caring hands while I am at work. The environment is not only nurturing, but also a lot of fun. The teachers really care about our wee ones, and encourage their learning and development through play, cultural activities and social interaction and much more. Sofia loves Kidz Corner and wants to go on her days off!" (Jo)

"We put our son Noah into Kidz Corner because it came highly recommended by friends of ours. We'd seen the facilities on various occasions and were very impressed. It's clean, warm, and dry and there is plenty for the kids to do. Once Noah started we knew we had made a good choice of childcare provider. The staff are fantastic with the kids and very professional. We appreciate the fact there are two male staff members around to offer the kids some male role models and a balanced learning/playing environment (something that is rare at other childcare facilities)." (Nathan & Bridget)