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Enquiries to:

Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor

Applies to:

Staff, children and families


To ensure that toileting and nappy changes of children are carried out in a professional manner and that all children are treated with dignity and respect (Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. Regulation 43 Curriculum standard: general (1)(b). Regulation 45 Premises and facilities standard: general (1)(a)(ii), (2). Regulation 46 Health and safety practices standard: general (1)(a),(b),(c)(iii), (2).


  1. The centre has an open door for toileting and nappy changing in the Bears and the Elephants area. In the over two's toilet dividers have been installed between toilets to ensure privacy for children (Criteria PF20, PF22).
  2. There are separate toilet facilities available for adults in the centre (Criteria PF23).
  3. Visitors to the centre are not involved in toileting or nappy changing tasks except where it involves their own child.
  4. New staff and relievers will work at least one month before being involved in toileting or nappy changing children.
  5. Staff will follow the Centre Nappy Changing Procedures (above changing table) and Hand Washing Policy when changing children (Criteria HS3).
  6. Staff will work with families following strategies that have been implemented at home for toilet training children (Criteria C12).
  7. All children who have either soiled or wet pants will be changed immediately. Where possible staff will flush solids from clothing and place it in a bag and label it "soiled clothing" (See also Soiled Child Policy and Procedure) (Criteria PF26).