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Kidz Corner Miramar would like to make the settling in and transition process to the centre as smooth as possible for both children, guardians, family and whanau. We will ensure that the child and their family are supported during the time of settling in and transition (Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 Regulation 43 Curriculum standard: general (b), (2). Regulation 47 Governance, management and administration standard: general.


  1. Kidz Corner Miramar's programme operates in two areas of the Centre – the Bears for children under 2 ½ and the Elephants for children 2 ½ to 5 years. Each section's programme caters for the well-being and learning and development of the children.
  2. Once a family has accepted a place in the Centre three pre-arranged visits will be organised prior to the child’s starting date.
  3. On the first visit to the centre parents will receive an enrolment pack.
  4. New children attending the centre are invited to bring a familiar comforting object (e.g. cuddly, dummy or soft toy) from home to comfort and support the child, particularly at sleep time.
  5. Teachers will respond in a warm and friendly manner to the emotional well-being of the child through talking, reading stories, singing and cuddling. Children will be given reassurance that their parents will return. Teachers will support children to become involved alongside the other children (Criteria C3).
  6. Information gathered from parents, verbally, from the Me Sheet and Infant and Toddlers Information Sheet; will assist staff to become familiar with families, individual children and their routines. This information will also be used to develop children's profiles (Criteria C11).
  7. Teachers will be available to discuss children's progress informally on a daily basis; or at a mutually pre-arranged time on a formal basis (Criteria C11).
  8. Parents, guardians and whanau are asked to say goodbye to their child when leaving the Centre. Teachers will reassure children that their parents will return (Criteria C10).
  9. Parents are welcome to telephone the Centre to see how their child is at any time (Criteria C12).


The teaching staff acknowledge that each child will transition differently and that the steps of the transition will be used only as a guideline and depend on the well-being of the child when visiting the over 2’s (Criteria C4 & C12).

Rationale: To ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for children, parents, guardians and whanau from the Bears to Elephants (Criteria C4 & C12).

  1. A Transition Letter will be given to families prior to the transition process beginning.
  2. The transition process is planned to take three weeks. Staff will ensure parents and caregivers are introduced to staff in the over 2’s and the routines and responsibilities of staff are explained.
  3. During week one and two of the transition period the child will still be dropped off in the under 2’s, they will then be invited for visits to the over 2’s at an appropriate time. The over two’s teachers will introduce the visiting child to the other children at mat time and support them to be involved in activities and to become familiar with the routines such as mat time and lunch time.
  4. In week three, on arrival, parents/caregivers will be encouraged to drop their child off in the over 2’s. A teacher from the over 2’s team will be available to support the parent/caregiver and child during the drop off time.
  5. If parents have any concerns about a child’s transition they will be encouraged to discuss them with the Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor.

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