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The aim of this policy is to ensure the safety of children when walking or using other forms of transport, while out of the centre on outings in the local community and beyond. (Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. Regulation 43 Curriculum standard: general (1),(a).Regulation 45 Premises and facilities standard: general (1)(a),(ii),(2). Regulation 46 Health and safety practices standard: general (1)(a),(b),(2). Traffic Regulations 1976 29(a).


  1. When children leave the premises on an outing outside of the Miramar area the outing must be approved by the Person Responsible prior to the parents being notified of the outing (Criteria HS17).
  2. Permission for children to go on short walks and visits in the Miramar area will be given by parents when they sign the enrolment form (Criteria HS17).
  3. All walks within the Miramar Community will be identified in the Risk Factor Identification Folder which is situated in the cupboard underneath the sign-in book. Walks will be identified using a map of the local area which will have the chosen route highlighted and any risk factors such as crossing a main road identified (Criteria HS17).
  4. Appropriate ratios (1 adult:4 children for the over two’s and 1 adult :2 children for the under two’s) will be maintained with children’s ages and abilities in mind and will not exceed government regulation ratios (Criteria HS17).
  5. All outings will take place with a minimum of two staff members. At least one staff member on the outing will hold a current First Aid Certificate (Criteria HS25).
  6. The adult/child ratio requirement for children remaining at the centre while an outing is in progress will be maintained at the scheduled level. At least one staff member remaining in the centre will hold a current First Aid Certificate (Criteria HS17).
  7. If the determined ratios for any particular trip, or within the centre, cannot be met the trip will not proceed (Criteria HS17).
  8. For outings that require children to be transported by car or public transport special permission will be required. When children travel by car or van they will be restrained as required by regulation 29a of the Traffic Regulations 1976. Parents will be asked to provide their child with an approved car safety seat for use on the trip (Criteria HS17). The centre will inform parents of the details of the trip, including the planned adult/child ratio, in writing, and will include a permission slip for parents to sign and return (Criteria HS18).
  9. On outings that require children to be transported by public transport extra helpers will be used so that there will be sufficient adult supervision. The adult/child ratio for each trip will be determined according to the identified risk factors of the trip (Criteria HS17 & HS18).
  10. The route that will be taken for these outings will be identified on a map, the mode of transport – van, car, bus, train, walking, and any risk factors, such as crossing a main road will also be identified by the Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor (Criteria HS17).
  11. All outings will be accurately recorded in the outings book along with the date, the destination and route (e.g. map one, map two), a list of children to be taken, the number of teachers, departure and return time (Criteria HS17).
  12. The staff member in charge of the outing will carry a cell phone and a list of the names of all children on the outing and will make regular checks to ensure that all children are present (Criteria HS17).
  13. All staff members on an outing are responsible for the safety of all children.
  14. The outing day pack will be taken on all outings and will contain a basic first aid kit (Criteria PF28), tissues, disposable nappy, spare clothes, sun block, a cellphone and other necessities (Criteria HS17).
  15. When the centre is left unattended a message will be left on the answer phone and a notice will be left on the centre door giving details of the outing and the expected time of return.
  16. On trips outside the Miramar area children will wear fluro vests and labels identifying the centre and the centre telephone number.

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