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Children attending the Centre and their families


To collaborate with parents/whanau in developing healthy eating habits in our children. (Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. Regulation 43 Curriculum standard: general (1)(a),(b)(ii),(c)(i),(ii),(2).Regulation 45 Premises and facilities standard: general (1)(a),(ii),(2). Regulation 46 Health and safety practices standard: general (1), (a), (b), (c), (2).


  1. Parents are asked to list allergies on the enrolment form or notify staff if their child’s dietary requirements change. An allergy notebook is kept in the kitchen and on the over two’s notice board.
  2. Children will be supervised when eating (Criteria HS22). Children will not have access to liquids or food while in bed. (Criteria HS9, 1) (see Sleep Policy).
  3. Parents are asked not to send lollies, chocolates, or foods such as roll-ups in children's lunchboxes because of their high sugar content (any of these foods will be removed from lunch boxes) (Criteria HS19).
  4. Because of the potential harm to children with allergies to peanuts, parents will also be asked not to include any peanuts/nuts or peanut butter in children’s lunch boxes (Criteria HS19).
  5. We will say a prayer/karakia before we eat. There will be a table designated as the kai table which will remain the kai table throughout the day (Criteria C5 & C6). Other tables used for eating will be wiped and covered with a cloth (Criteria PF15).
  6. Children arriving between 7.30 am and 8 am are encouraged to bring breakfast if they have not been able to eat it at home, e.g. toast or cereal. The centre will make toast or cereal available to children during those times if requested.
  7. The centre will provide fruit and occasionally toast or crackers with marmite or jam for morning tea. Children will be encouraged to eat food out of their lunchbox for afternoon tea. (Criteria HS19).
  8. Any perishable food provided for lunch from home must be named and stored in the centre refrigerator. The centre staff will reheat precooked meals only for children. (Criteria PF16).
  9. At lunch time children will be encouraged to eat healthy food first (sandwiches, yoghurt and fruit) and treats last (Criteria HS19).
  10. The kitchen area and all utensils, chopping boards and benches will be kept clean (Criteria PF16).
  11. All raw and cooked foods will be stored separately in the fridge and covered appropriately (Criteria HS20).
  12. Containers will be placed in the fridge for perishable food items from the children’s lunch boxes (Criteria HS20).
  13. Children in the over two's will have independent access to an ample supply of water that is fit to drink at all times (Criteria HS21). Children in the under two's, with teachers assistance, will have access to their own drink bottles and all children will have their own named drink bottles/cups from home. All drink bottles/cups must be taken home at the end of each day.
  14. There is a Food and Beverage Recipe book available in the parent library with healthy suggestions for lunch and snacks.


The staff and community at Kidz Corner acknowledge the importance of celebrations such as children's birthdays and other significant family and centre events and on these occasions welcome celebration food.

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