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Enquiries to:

Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor

Applies to:

Staff, parents/guardians


To ensure medication is stored appropriately and administered in accordance with Doctor's/Parent's/Guardian's instructions. (Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 Regulation 46 Health and safety practices standard: general (1)(a)(2). Regulation 47 Governance, management, and administration standard: general (1)(c).

PROCEDURE (Criteria HS28)

  1. Parents/guardians who require their child to be given medication must complete the medication register and notify a staff member. Information required on the medication register will be – medication to be administered; amount; time and frequency. Parent/guardian must also sign the form.
  2. Medication will not be administered to any child without parental authorisation. If medication instructions on the register differ from the Doctor's instructions on the medication, staff will immediately contact the parent/guardian and notify them of the discrepancy. After consultation with the parent/guardian the medication will be administered in accordance with the Doctor's or medication's instructions.
  3. Pamol is not kept on site by the centre. The centre Sickness Policy states that parents are expected to keep children who are unwell and unable to participate comfortably in programme activities at home. A child who has a temperature and requires pamol would be considered unwell and unable to attend the centre.
  4. If a child suffers from an ongoing medical condition that requires constant medication (such as asthma or an allergy) a medication plan (see attached) will be required from parent/guardian.
  5. The Medication Plan will be reviewed by the parent/guardian every three months.
  6. Medication will be administered by staff who hold a current First Aid Certificate (Criteria HS29).
  7. Medication will be stored, if necessary in the fridge, located in the centre kitchen in a container marked "children's medication". Medication not for refrigeration will be placed in the container marked "children's medication" located on top of the fridge.
  8. No medication of any type is to be left in children's lockers or bags.
  9. Medication records will be kept in the centre for seven years (Criteria GMA10).