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Enquiries to:

Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor

Applies to:

Staff, children, parents


To ensure that all staff at Kidz Corner Miramar use the same procedure and that the children's well-being is being met at all times. (Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 Regulation 46 Health and safety practices standard: general (1)(a).


At Kidz Corner we recognise that toilet learning is an important part of a child's development. In order to support the natural development of toileting we prefer to give children time to lead their own toilet learning and will not place pressure on children to use the toilet. A child's ability to toilet themselves will not affect how they are viewed by teachers or how the child participates in the programme. We acknowledge that accidents will happen and are a natural part of the toileting process and your child will be treated with dignity and respect if this happens.


Setting your child up for toileting success:

Children need to know:


  1. The Supervisor/Assistant Supervisor will communicate with parents about how the child's toileting is going at home and give guidance to parents regarding how toileting is going in the centre and if the child still requires nappies to be available just in case.
  2. We recognise that the child's home and centre are different environments; a child's interest in toileting at home may be recognised before the child is interested in toileting at the centre. Teachers will respect the difference between environments and support how the child would like to toilet at the centre.
  3. In order to set the toileting child up to succeed at the centre they must be confidently using the toilet at home and willing to use the toilet in the centre.
  4. As the centre caters for a large number of children we have guidelines surrounding hygiene for health and safety reasons. If a child wet or soils themselves more than three times in one day they will be put back into nappies and parents will be consulted about the next step.
  5. Teachers will follow the child's interest and give opportunity for children to use the toilet.
  6. Food will not be offered as a reward for going to the toilet at the centre. A reward/acknowledgement system could be introduced in consultation with parents, i.e. sticker chart each time a child uses the toilet.
  7. If a child should wet or soil themselves they will be assisted by staff to change their clothes for dry and clean clothes (Soiled Child Policy and Procedure).
  8. Families will be asked to provide several changes of clothes in their child's bag for this purpose. Wet and soiled clothes will be sent home in a plastic bag labelled soiled (NB. Where staff can hygienically flush solids down the toilet this will be done before placing clothing in the bag).