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Enquiries to:

Supervisor, Maurice Roberts

Applies to:

Staff, children and families


(Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. Regulation 47 Governance, management, and administration standard: general (1),(a),(d),(2) (Criteria GMA1)


  1. If a parent/caregiver, staff member, or any person has a complaint about any aspect of the centre's programme, routines or non-compliance with Licence requirements, or a specific person, then they should speak to the Centre Supervisor. If the complaint is against the Centre Supervisor then the complaint should be referred directly to the Service Provider Contact Person (Maurice Roberts).
  2. An initial response to any complaint will be made within seven working days.
  3. The Centre Supervisor will then use his/her discretion as to how the matter will be dealt with using one or more of the following strategies:
    • work through the issue with the complainant
    • discuss the issue with the whole staff at a staff meeting
    • discuss the issue with the person complained against
    • bring the matter to the attention of the Licensee
    • and finally, feed back to the complainant.
  4. If the issue is still not resolved, then the complaint is referred to the Trust Board. The Trust Board will consider the issue and decide what the next step will be.
  5. If the complaint is against a parent not complying with Centre Policy or Procedure, the complaint will be dealt with by the Trust Board. Every effort will be made to work through the issue with the parent. The Trust Board has the power to request parents to withdraw their child if there is continued non-compliance.
  6. If the complaint is against a staff member the Centre Supervisor can ask for a joint meeting between the complainant and the staff member to clarify and resolve the issue. Both parties will have the right to a support person at the meeting.
  7. If the complaint is of a serious nature, the facts of the case will be carefully investigated and documented. Minutes will be kept of any meeting.
  8. Where a complaint has reached a conclusion satisfactory to all parties, all files pertaining to the complaint will be destroyed.
  9. The Early Childhood Regulations, ERO Report and Centre Policies and Procedures will be accessible to parents at all times. They are displayed in pockets in the corridor outside the office. The Licensee will make him/herself available to discuss any of these on request.
  10. Complaints will be resolved within three months.
  11. If the complainant feels the complaint has not been dealt with in a satisfactory manner they may contact the Ministry of Education Central South Region Office, 65 Waterloo Road, Lower Hutt, telephone 463 8699.