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Enquiries to:

Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor

Applies to:

Staff, children and parents


Kidz Corner Miramar will consult with parents/family/whanau and guardians when their child is involved in a biting incident.

Teacher/parents/whanau and guardians will work together to develop strategies in the centre and at home to help the child who is biting (Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 Regulation 43 Curriculum standard: general (1)(a)(ii),(vi), (b)(ii), (2).

PROCEDURE (Criteria C10)

  1. Parents will always be informed if their child has bitten or was bitten.
  2. Teachers will NOT give out the name of any other child involved.
  3. When a child bites our Positive Guidance policy is followed. Teacher attention is focused on the child who has been bitten, in caring for them and ensuring they feel better.
  4. An explanation is given to the child who has bitten that such behaviour is not acceptable. They are encouraged to use words and/or gentle hands to communicate their feelings.
  5. When a child is constantly biting a specific behaviour guidance strategy will be written by the teachers and discussed with the child's parents. Teachers will try to recognise and prevent occurrences of biting, to reduce harm to others and help children learn more positive strategies for social engagement. Teachers will be consistent in their handling of this behaviour.
  6. An accident report will be completed and signed by the teacher and parent/guardian.
  7. All teachers both permanent and casual will be made aware of Positive Guidance procedures for biting.
  8. Much has been written on the subject of biting in early childhood. Written information will be made available to parents who are concerned.
  9. Parents will be reassured that biting is a normal behaviour in young children and everything is done to reduce the instances of biting within the centre.